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Can You Cure Erectile Dysfunction with Only a Pill?

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A Controversial Subject - Resulting in Myriads of Claims and Beliefs

Since erectile dysfunction causes seem to cover such a broad spectrum; medicinal side effects, psychological dynamics, post-op issues, health disorders, certain factors related to how you live your life, and of course-age, it’s easy to see why it’s such a hot topic. And when you realize the number of men it affects, as many as 20-30 million in the United States alone (according to WebMD and an independent reviewer website), you can see the subject isn’t going away any time soon, if ever.

Given the varying types of causes, and their related erectile dysfunction symptoms, it’s hard to imagine a particular drug or treatment being a cure-all. However, when you turn on your TV and watch some of the claims made by the vast majority of ads, the implication is that many erection problems can be cured by simply taking a pill. In fact, the cure may work so well that you may have a problem making the cure go away. On the surface that sounds like a problem many men and their wives would love to handle (no pun intended).

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment with only a Pill - Fact or Fiction?

Just the idea that a man may be able to do nothing more than take a pill, and his erectile dysfunction symptoms (which basically means impotence), go away-will capture the attention of most men who deal with it, whether it’s occasional or ongoing.

Though aging may lessen the desire for sexual intercourse for some men, few men will admit it; and every man would like to think he can function when he wants to, and especially when he’s expected to. So the helplessness a man senses when he knows that he cannot get enough of an erection to perform is real, ranging from very frustrating to downright depressing. Therefore the idea of a simple cure for erection problems has enormous appeal.

For most men, the best erectile dysfunction treatment is just that-a pill, but it must be the right pill. Everywhere men turn; television, Internet, magazines, even the radio, ads pop up regularly. With few exceptions, they are advertising a pill, but they’re drugs- erectile dysfunction drugs, which may not be what’s best at all. Drugs typically have side effects, some quite alarming, and though the side effects may only be experienced by a few, if you’re the one they hit, it can be worse than impotence.

Yes, treatment with a pill is a fact, but be careful what pills you take. Furthermore, the experiences of many men who deal with erection problems, make it clear that they would have been wise to have exhausted other alternatives first, such as erectile dysfunction natural remedies. It may have saved them a lot of aggravation, or prevented them from having to deal with their problem surgically.

Opinions Vary - Researching Drugs verses Natural Remedies

Probably not surprising to many people, but traditionally trained doctors who continue to practice medicine utilizing the skills they were trained in are predisposed to drugs; whatever the health related issue may be, certainly erectile problems included. However, there is a growing number of MDs, trained just like others, who have been led to consider alternatives, and the vast majority of those doctors are quick to suggest that their patients at least try the erectile dysfunction natural remedies first because-they have nothing to lose. Side effects are virtually unheard of, at least any kind to be concerned about, and when they work, the results are just as good as drugs, and in many instances, better. So why take chances when you may not need to?

What’s the Best Product for You?

Is it a pill, and if so, drugs or a natural formulation, or do you need to consider surgery? The good news is-there is a cure for most men who want the cure bad enough. The starting point is to find out what your particular erectile dysfunction cause is. According to Urologist Drogo Montague, MD, you can probably find relief in a pill, but he goes on to state that for the one third who find that a pill won’t get the job done, a penis implant can work.


For the two thirds of you who can achieve success with a pill, given the risk/reward possibilities, most men agree that this is a time to use common sense and safety. In other words-give a quality erectile dysfunction natural remedy every chance for success before trying drugs.


An excellent option that utilizes several clinically-proven ingredients; is totally safe, all-natural, and a maximum strength formulation that has been rated #1 by men who have been using it, is Male Extra. Whereas drugs typically address only one area of concern, Male Extra deals powerfully with the three primary erectile dysfunction symptoms;

  1. Increases blood flow to the penis which delivers rock-hard and long-lasting erections
  2. Raises testosterone levels causing a much stronger desire and satisfaction
  3. Enhances ejaculation for a more pleasurable experience for both parties.

Any time you have a problem that affects millions, a myriad of claims and beliefs always follow. And though it’s wise to seek medical advice from a qualified physician, don’t leave your health in the hands of others. Find out why you have the problem, research solutions that deal with your particulars, and be wary of the side effects of drugs, especially when there are high quality erectile dysfunction natural remedies available, that contain ingredients that have been clinically tested and proven to work effectively!

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